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The Essenceof ballet

Welcome to Bella Academy

Bella Academy is a delightful ballet school, with two centres, nestled in gorgeous locations in South Mumbai. Bella Academy is India’s answer to an international ballet school. It is with the elements of sincerity, passion, knowledge, expertise, commitment and grace that Bella is founded upon.

A nourishing, safe and happy environment is created for your child to shine and work towards expressing their greatest potential. Ballet is a dance of discipline, grace and happiness and is most often every little girl's dream!

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Summer Classes 2018!

2 Jun 2018

Bella Academy's Summer Classes are now back! Give your child the opportunity to experience ballet with us without any prior experience. 

Bella Academy's summer classes introduce children to an exciting world of creativity, movement and fun! Each class is specially designed to fit the ability and endurance of each student eager to spend their summer dancing. This camp offer Classical Ballet, Stretching, Improvisation and Creating Dances! 

To register contact us at or call us at 9920223368. 

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