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About Us

Bella Academy is a delightful ballet school nestled in a gorgeous location in South Bombay - Bella Academy is Bombay's answer to an international, boutique style ballet school. It is with the elements of sincerity, passion, knowledge, expertise, commitment and grace that Bella is founded upon.

A nourishing, safe and happy environment is created for your child to shine and work towards expressing their greatest potential. Ballet is a dance of discipline, femininity and happiness and is most often every little girl's dream! Our mission is to cultivate & encourage your child's individual artist that flows naturally from within. Each student realizes their own unique talents.

Students at Bella Academy are taught classical ballet through the syllabus developed by the Founder and Director, Anabelle Lunawat. Bella Academy’s curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop their creativity. Some of the physical benefits students receive through our classes are grace, poise, good posture, proper body alignment, form, stamina, coordination and control.

The Bella philosophy is to motivate, inspire and to build confidence through recognition & encouragement of their students in a space of beauty and grace.

"I believe in the way of building confidence and praising accomplishments - I have learned this through the great examples my teachers have been to me - they have always inspired me and recognized the potential in me - which I never saw in myself."

Anabelle Lunawat, Artistic Director of Bella Academy


It is with Anabelle's dedication and positive energy that Bella Academy has thrived into an educational enrichment. It is often said in life, "that it's not so much the subject; as it is the teacher's connection with her students" We've all experienced this at one point in our education years. This belief is heavily vested in what the Academy is.

The Academy's internationally qualified instructors from England, Italy, Russia and Australia makes up 'Team Bella Academy' brings youth, joy, fun and a loving approach to the art of ballet.