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About Us

Bella Academy is a delightful ballet school, with two centres, nestled in gorgeous locations in South Mumbai. Bella Academy is India’s answer to an international ballet school. It is with the elements of sincerity, passion, knowledge, expertise, commitment and grace that Bella Academy is founded upon.

A nourishing, safe and happy environment is created for your child to shine and work towards expressing their greatest potential. Ballet is a dance of discipline, grace and happiness and is most often every little girl's dream!


Bella Academy has taken the lead in increasing the awareness and popularity of ballet in India. We provide the highest level of ballet training, on par with international standards, so dancers wanting to pursue ballet professionally can now do so in India right here at Bella Academy. We continue to strive to be the gold standard for ballet education.


Just as in professional sports everyone participates, but only a few go on to join a professional team. Bella Academy offers two pathways of learning - the graded pathway and the professional pathway.

The Graded and Professional Training Curriculums are developed by Bella Academy and based on the best of the Royal Academy of Dance (London) and the American Ballet Theatre (New York) National Training Curriculum.

*Please visit our Courses and Examinations page for more information on the Courses and Examination Certification.