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Why Bella Academy


"I like to start my classes by asking the children something about themselves - their likes and dislikes, or perhaps something they enjoy."

- Mrs. Anabelle Lunawat

Each class size limited so that attention is personalized. Our studios are designed with the essential facilities for ballet which include: ballet barres, wall to wall mirrors and a wooden flooring - all in all support quality learning.

Classes are delivered in a very unique way through using different themes and incorporating imagery and props which helps aid children's understanding of various movement qualities.

Some of the physical benefits students receive through our classes are grace, poise, good posture, proper body alignment, form, stamina, coordination and control. Bella's curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop their creativity.


An inherent & special part of the Academy’s calendar is our Open Days & Performances.

Open Day’s : A biannual recital featuring students from each level of training, performing a demonstration of classwork, ballet variations from ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Giselle and Swan Lake, wherein parents & teachers are invited to watch a performance of selected material at the end of every 6 months. This provides the students a unique opportunity to showcase their class work and builds the confidence of performing on stage from an early age.

Performances : Outstanding students (from Grade 1 onwards) are invited to perform in Bella Academy’s productions comprising of variations and repertoire from some of the world’s most beloved ballets.


At Bella Academy, the philosophy is to learn about the core strength's of each child. Once we understand this; our next step is to personalize a teaching strategy specifically for that child's uniqueness.

Our classes aim to nurture children's instinctive joy of movement and artistic expression. Students are encouraged to develop their own artistry. Opportunities are created for each child to choreograph their very own dance combinations. Bella's students adore this chance to express themselves. They take pride when it comes to perform their own works of art bringing them a deep sense of achievement.


"Ballet is about being a beautiful, graceful person and being kind to those around you."

Bella prides in its focus on the 'spirit of ballet.' Each student is taught the importance of speaking beautifully; complementing classmates and making everyone feel good about learning together. These values lend itself to creating a great teaching & learning environment.