About Us

Artistic Director & Founder

Anabelle is a born natural ballerina. At the tender young age of 5, Anabelle realized her passion for dance and began her aspiration for ballet at the age of 7. During her childhood years, she was ever ready to be consumed by the disciplined lifestyle of ballet. In order to become proficient at ballet, one must be extremely dedicated to the art & diligence of practice and rehearsal time. Anabelle followed this thru with determination.

Throughout her years of study, the dream to teach the beauty of ballet to children was culminating within Anabelle's mind, body and soul. Anabelle's devotion to the art of ballet and commitment to her students is the foundation of the very heart of Bella Academy.

Anabelle can't remember a time when she wasn't fueled by this focus for her three loves: teaching, children and Ballet. She feels blessed to be able to have a thriving career made up of all three!


"I started dancing from the age of 5 and soon everyone realized that I had a knack for ballet. That's when it all started.... I started training in ballet from the age of 7 - which as you know is extremely late for anyone who aspires to be a ballet dancer. I knew I had what it takes, but it was a struggle. It required discipline and a lot of hard work...a couple years further into my training I grew to love the discipline and inner strength that completes the perfection of ballet. No one sees the inner struggle that every dancer goes through to create that beauty and perfection. Ballet became my life. I woke up dancing and went to sleep dancing. I was rehearsing routines in my mind as I was studying... My mind was always in my dance... I often dreamed of the day I would be a teacher...

Ballet is my joy! It was in ballet where my happiness was. When I danced my mind was light and free - it was my meditation."


Anabelle Venkat (RTS) is a trained ballerina and qualified teacher by the Royal Academy of Dance in London. She is qualified to enter students for RAD London examinations upto the highest level, from Pre-Primary until Advanced 2. Anabelle has passed all R.A.D. examinations with Distinction. She has also taken the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D) Modern dance examinations, and has received the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Jazz Awards with Honors.